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November Tips


November in the Rim Country means it’s time for the final clean-up and preparation for the next year.

Summer Vegetable Beds – Beds should be cleaned up and plants that have finished producing should be composted. Discard any that are diseased or bug infested. Top the beds off with 2-4 inches of aged manure and till it into the soil.

Flower Beds – Remove spent annuals and give the same treatment as the vegetable beds. Protect perennials with a thick layer of mulch.

Mums- Plant mums now for that Fall color you are looking for.  They will stay nice and bloom until the first frost. Remember, they are a perennial, so they will come back next year bigger and better.

Lawns – If you have not already fertilized, apply some Fertilome Winterizer. This will assure healthier, thicker, and greener grass next spring.

Roses – Some are still going strong. Continue to water them or they will go dormant too early, resulting in weak plants in the spring.

Evergreens – Consider planting some Colorado spruce, Austrian pine, and Eastern white pine.

Bulbs – Still time to plant crocus, daffodils, and tulips.