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May Tips


The lovely month of May, as longtime Payson gardeners know, can bring killing frost and often follows erratic patterns of quick weather changes. Be prepared to protect frost tender plants.

Flowers, Shrubs and Trees – Indulge and plant at will, with the exception of impatiens and marigolds. Wait until the last frost for planting these.

Fruit – Hold off on thinning fruit until after the June drop. Thinning prevents branch damage and allows the tree to produce larger fruit. Thin apples to one per cluster, peaches and plums to two inches apart.

Insects – Spray apple trees AFTER petals drop with Thuricide (BT) every 7 – 10 days. Use systemic rose food with bug killer or organic methods to keep thrips and aphids in check.

Lawns – Deep watering and fertilizing is important now. “Weed and Feed” or “Fertilome with Iron” are effective.

Rock Garden – Check for and replace any winter casualties.

Vegetables – Cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, squash and tomatoes will succumb to frost unless protected. Most other vegetables can be planted now.