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June Tips

June brings summer heat. Now is when a drip irrigation system begins to show its worth. Aside from the cost savings, it provides water to the roots of plants where it is needed most. Well-watered plants are less susceptible to disease and bugs.

Flowers – Choose gaillardia, vinca, portulaca, marigolds and Russian sage to provide color in full sun. Impatiens, begonia, red salvia, cuphea and hostas thrive in shady areas.

Trees – Shrubs and trees appreciate fewer deep waterings more than frequent splashes. Fertilize and be prepared to control pests. Check for suckers and watersprouts that need removing. Thinning fruit is well worth the time, it prevents overloaded branches and small size fruit. Thin apples to one or two per cluster, peaches, and plums to two inches apart.

Lawns – Water deeply and fertilize. Set the mower blade higher. The taller grass will hold up better during the hot month than short cut grass.

Vegetables – Plant heat loving peppers, tomatoes, squash, melon, pumpkin and okra now. They like soil temperature to be above 60 degrees and will grow rapidly now.