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August Tips

August brings rain but unfortunately most of our rains come fast and furious and do not last long. Most of the rain water runs off instead of soaking the ground deeply. Try drip irrigation because it allows you to adjust water flow to your plants’ needs and saves on the water bill.

Flowers – Divide irises now, cut each section into six inch “flags” and re-plant a foot apart or share your excess with friends. Plant asters and chrysanthemums for fall color.

Trees – Inspect fruit trees for signs of fungus and blight. Remove affected branches – never compost them. Sterilize pruners with bleach. If peach trees show curled and yellow leaves, treat them with lime sulphur.

Lawns – Fertilize with Fertilome with iron. Water deeply when needed.

Roses – Keep deadheading to encourage more blooms. Water deeply to prevent heat stress that will make them susceptible to pests and disease.

Vegetables – There is still time to plant broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. Sow beets, carrots, turnips, and kale now.

Pesticide Safety – Choose products with low toxicity to humans and pets and buy only the amount you can use in a season.

Store them in their original containers and follow label instructions precisely. Make sure to dispose of empty containers and leftover products properly.