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April Tips

Fertilizing – It’s time to fertilize! Everything; trees, shade trees, shrubs, vines, and lawns. Anything that was planted last year.

If you are an organic gardener, you might try bone meal, blood meal, and soil sulfur mixed in equal parts. For others, use 10-10-10 with iron. On your lawn use a high nitrogen lawn food with trace elements.

What to Plant – April is the time to plant ornamental, vegetable and flower gardens. Yes, it can still freeze through the month of April (and May!) so check with your nursery professional before choosing what to plant.

Weeds – Spring weeds are here!! There are now good organic weed killers as well as inorganic ones. As there are a lot of different weed killers, it is a good idea to describe your situation to your nursery professional and let them advise you as to which one is best for you.

Insects – We see aphids already in April. Spray with your favorite insecticide now before the population gets too large. We also see a lot of peach borer damage. Spring is the time to apply borer killer spray. If you have the time, you may get in there with a pocket knife and dig them out. If you use this method, be sure to disinfect with Clorox and seal the wounds with tree heal.

Propagate Evergreens by Ground Layering

To increase your supply of evergreen plants:

  • Bend low-growing young, pliable branches toward the ground, scrape off an inch piece of bark and trim off leaves within 12 inches of the tip.
  • Dust the scraped section with rooting hormone.
  • Press the branch down onto the soil and cover with compost and 3-inches of soil. Anchor with a rock or anchor pin (anchor pins are inexpensive and it is great to have a few in your gardening supplies).
  • Bend the stem tip up and tie to a stake.
  • Water