Harmful Insects

Pine Bark Beetle

Target: Ponderosa Pine

Damage: Beetles bore holes through the cambium layer, make devastating galleries, larva chews tunnels that girdle the tree, causing it to die from the top down.

Control: Spray trees with carbaryl in February every year. Deep water trees during periods of drought.

Ants (Sugar or Harvester)

Target: Any sugar substance, seeds, foods

Damage: Pest or nuisance, make unsightly mounds, stings hurt.

Control-Organic: Terros, Boric Acid, or try a mix of 4-Tbls dish soap and cup limejuice per gallon. Harvester: Disrupt the mound, Dish soap mix.

Chemical: Sugar Ant Spray mound and tracts with HiYield Kill-A-Bug II.

Harvester Amdro and HiYield Kill-A-Bug II.


Target: All tender leaves and stems

Damage: Pierce tender leaves and stems, sucking out plant juices. Large populations can make leaves and stems curl up and die.

Control: High pressure water spray, insecticidal soap, Dormant oil (winter), systemic insecticides, broad range insecticidal sprays, ladybugs, HiYield Kill-A-Bug II.

Cabbage Looper (Worm)

Target:  Cole (cabbage) crops

Damage:  Eat holes in leaves of cole crops. May cause plants to turn yellow, become stunted and not produce.

Control:  Floating row cover, hand pick, spray with BT, Neem, or carbaryl, clean up leaves and garden debris, plow garden after harvest in fall, HiYield Kill-A-Bug II.

Codling Moth Larva

Target: Apples and pears

Damage: Skin blemished. Tunnels and worm waste all through the fruit (ruined).

Control: Keep leaves raked, clean up fallen fruit, spray fruit with BT or carbaryl after petal fall.

Corn Earworm

Target: Corn ears, other vegetables

Damage: Moths lay eggs in corn silk, worm crawls into ear and eat immature kernels.

Control: BT, Mineral oil, Pick worms off leaves, spray other vegetables with BT or Carbaryl.


Target: Mostly young emerging seedlings

Damage: Eats foliage, can cut plant off at the soil line

Control: Hand pick, BT, Diatomaceous earth, Carbaryl, HiYield Kill-A-Bug II.



Tent Caterpillar

Target: Tree foliage, mostly walnuts

Damage: Unsightly web tents house larva that can strip trees of leaves.

Control:  Spray webs with BT at first sight, fall clean-up, Fertilome Borer Bagworm Leaf Miner, and Tent Caterpillar spray.



Target: Potted houseplants

Damage: Sucks vitality out of plants

Control: Malathion drench, Pyrethrum, hand pick, rubbing alcohol and cotton swab, HiYield Kill-A-Bug II.

Mexican Bean Beetle

Target:  Bean leaves

Damage:  Skeletonize leaves, both beetle and larva eat leaves

Control:  Hand pick, rub off eggs on underside to kill larva. Spray with soap or carbaryl.

Spider Mite

Target: Conifers, junipers, and many leafy plants

Damage:  Mites suck juice from cells, cause leaves to discolor and lose vitality.

Control:  Kelthane, constant wash down

Squash Bug

Target:  Leaves of squash and other cucurbit vegetable plants

Damage:  Sucks plant juices, fatally damaging plants

Control:  Keep beds clean, insecticidal soap. Plant resistant varieties.

Stink Bug

Target: Tomatoes, berries, plums, and pears

Damage:  Stings fruit and leaves, leaving blemishes, yellowing, and distortion

Control:  Hand pick, spray with soap, carbaryl, HiYield Kill-A-Bug II.

Tomato Hornworm

Target:  Mostly tomato plants

Damage:  Strips leaves and stems of foliage

Control:  Hand pick when soil is tilled. HiYield Kill-A-Bug II spray and granules.


Target:  Leaves and new growth of most plants

Damage:  Eats unsightly holes in leaves, a large population can kill new tender plants.

Control:  Nolo Bait when nymphs are young, Carbaryl spray, HiYield Kill-A-Bug II spray.

Peach Tree Borer

Target: Stone fruit trees, but mostly peach trees

Damage: Larva enter trees at soil line, girdling  and interrupting nutrient flow. Weak or dead trees result.

Control: Spray Dormant Oil in winter, Fall clean-up is essential skewer hole to stab larva, BT.

White Grub

Target  Roots of trees, shrubs, and grasses

Damage:  Large population can eat enough roots to kill a plant

Control:  Hand pick when soil is tilled, HiYield Kill-A-Bug II spray and granules.

Target: Different species attack different plants
Damage:  Thrips suck and chew plants for the chlorophyll leaving dots on leaves with a silvery hue. Keeps rose buds from full bloom.
Control:  Systemic insecticide, hose off daily, spray with Carbaryl, or HiYield Kill-A-Bug II.

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